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Hidow Conductive Therapy Shoes


Hidow Conductive Therapy Shoes used as an accessory to Hidow TENS/EMS medical devices address both foot pain and circulation concerns. Designed with acupuncture science and reflexology in mind, Hidow Conductive Therapy Shoes are idea for use when sitting on the plane or relaxing at home. 

Use the electrode wires that come with the shoes to get the most out of your treatment. These special wires are designed to be plugged into the sides of the slippers for maximum comfort. For best results when treating your feet with Hidow Conductive Therapy Shoes, do not use dual ports. You can use one shoe and one pad at once through a single port if preferred. Do not use Hidow pads or accessories directly on open sores.


  • Regular 29.5cm in length (>14 Ladies Shoe Size)
  • Small 26cm in length (8.5 Ladies Shoe Size)

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